ATT Sucks
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Today is December 4th 2018. This websited is not complete and will be updated as I have time or updates.

I put up this website to tell my story about the TERRIBLE experiance I have had with AT&T. Any views or opinion on this site are only my own. Below I will outline my experiences one by one as they happened and the people I talked to beginning with the sales person Rob at the corporate AT&T store on Quivira Rd in Overland Park and end with the last person I talked with last from AT&T. So far that person is Linda Brock, Office of the President (?) that said she is located in Mississippi. I tried to keep detailed notes and I just got a phone record app for my phone so some of the last conversations were recorded so I did not get something wrong. This is also something I recommend for anyone talking with an AT&T representative. Keeping notes in timley order and having recordings will help you later. I will do my best to not be sarcastic or sound too frustrated.

I decided the first part of September, 2018, to switch to AT&T for multiple reasons.




More Updates to follow.

I will be adding buttons so that readers can post their own experiences soon.

I also will be inserting links here to other websites and YouTube videos showing people that have bad reviews of AT&T.

Be sure and check back.